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How do you use your reflector oven to get the ultimate experience?

You get the best heat when the fire is new. The big flames give better radiant heat to the sides than embers. Use the embers to grill whatever you want to have to your bread.

Keep an eye on the lower part of the oven so it doesn’t melt. It happens easily when you try to get more heat into the oven.

The best firewood for the oven is the firewood that doesn’t give off soot.

When you bake in your oven you may have to turn the baking-tin. The oven is the warmest in the back.

The saucepans and frypan from the Trangia Stove work perfectly as baking-tins and baking-sheet in the oven.

You can place more than one oven around the same fire.

Search the internet for “reflector oven” for more ideas!